Duroniesi Youth Association

novembre 2005

Dear duroniesi and friends,
It is with great pleasure that I announce the creation of the youth association of
Duronia. My objective is to make new friends and unite the next generation by
increasing youth participation in all our activities.
I need your ideas and input. Whether it is a picnic, a bocce tournament, bowling,
get togethers or planning one of our very own parties, your participation is essential.
If you would like to join the youth committee, or be informed of upcoming events
please call me at (514) 727-0401 or send me an email at duroniayouth@hotmail.com.
Looking forward to meeting everyone.


La Fédérazione delle Associazioni Molisane del Quebec (FAMQ)
Settimana Molisana
Bowling and Bocce Tournaments
Check the webpage for latest news and information

Christmas Party
As the Christmas season is slowly approaching, I would like to invite you to the
association Christmas party. This event will be held at the Buffet Anna-Maria on
December 11, 2005. Bring your kids - Santa Claus will be there . This party will
give us the opportunity to meet and start our own traditions.

Bowling league
For many years the Duronia association has had a bowling league. With the
creation of the youth association, I would like to keep up this tradition by
starting our own league. We have until August 2006 to put together a group.
This activity will be held once a week on Friday nights, starting at 9:30 pm.
If you are interested please contact me.

Invitation to all
Invitations to all events are for all duroniesi, their families and friends.
Hope to see you in the upcoming months.
Should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions,
please feel free to call me.

Paolo Manzo
President - Youth Association of Duronia

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