Festa di Natale – 2003
Hey Kids!

Santa has arrived,
and will be waiting for you on
Sunday Nov.30 at Le Parc!

“Pranzo con Babbo Natale”

Santa Clause This year is a very busy year for Santa. Some countries
that he will be visiting have been through wars, floods
and fires. However, Santa will still visit these places
and bring hope to parents and some good cheer to children.
With your help, Santa will be able to visit more children
and make their Christmas a lot brighter. Choose one of your
toys that you don’t play with anymore or maybe one that you
do, wrap it up and bring it to the party. Santa will see to
it that the right child will receive your special gift.

Santa wants to have dinner with you and have his picture
taken with all the kids! He’s also bringing something special
for everyone. Instead of mailing your letter to Santa at the
North Pole, why not bring it to the party and give it to him
in person.

Call us to reserve your place at Santa’s table!
or you can send an email